Anthony Ramirez | CG Artist

Anthony Ramirez | CG Artist

Anthony's first exposure to 3D was the intro to Disney's 1979 film The Black Hole. Once he figured out how that was done, he started learning 3D in 1990 and has not stopped learning. He has worked as a VFX 3D Artist modeling, texturing, lighting, animating & creating simulations on many Movies, TV Shows and Commercials, including Tron: Legacy, Jungle Book, Ready Player One to name a few. Working at many studios including Foundation Imaging, Motion Theory, Digital Domain, Technicolor, Apple and more before landing at Mr Wolf. Anthony has also been twisted by the Dark Side into scripting tools in Maya.

Anthony lives in a rural area with his little lady where many of the neighbors ride their horses and dirt bikes. When not working he LOVES to be outdoors, working with his hands and also learning about outer space including Astronomy, Rockets & technology.